Testimonial from Harvey and Alicia Kaslow

Dear Marco,

We want to thank you for the outstanding work provided by your firm at our home.

Rotting timbers were failing to stop erosion on the steep ~50-foot slope and cliff from the front of our home to the street. The well-engineered and beautifully curved urbanite walls you installed will likely be here longer than the house.

This winter it is already clear the terraced design is catching and holding onto rain water as well as preventing erosion. Combined with the planting of native/drought tolerant plants we have experienced a ~50% reduction in water use. We look forward to cutting water use in half again when you landscape the back yard. We look forward to seeing how little we need to use the drip irrigation system this summer to further establish the plants, and expect as they become established we may hardly use the irrigation system.

Besides the excellent workmanship – and beautiful design – we want to commend your crew for their efforts cleaning the work site every evening. It was clear they take justified pride in their work. They are indeed craftsmen.

The neighbors have also expressed to us how much they appreciate how your work has contributed the neighborhood. I am sure that when the time comes for them to landscape, they will be contacting you not just because of their confidence in the engineering and workmanship you will provide, but also the artistry.

Harvey and Alicia Kaslow