Landscape Design & Architecture

La Loma’s experience creating “Living Landscapes” has made 
it a leader in the burgeoning field of sustainable development. La Loma’s horticultural expertise, combined with water systems and hardscaping capabilities, aim toward an elegant, vivid, thriving and efficient outdoors:

Native and Xeric Plants
Native plants are the cornerstone of a stable ecosytem. Native plants provide habitat for wildlife and increase local biodiversity. They are low maintenance, require minimal irrigation once they are established, and need no chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep them healthy. Coastal California is fortunate to have a warm and mild Mediterranean climate which allows for an amazing plant pallate.

Repurposing and Upcycled Materials
One of La Loma’s most sought-after design elements is recycled concrete. From retaining walls to pavers, stairs and planters, using recycled concrete rubble and ‘slabs’ not only makes for a unique and stunning design element, it also reduces the burden on manufacturing and waste management systems. The EPA and other agencies have found that approximately 30 to 40 percent of the waste found in landfills is construction and demolition debris.  In addition, the EPA reported that concrete production was responsible for emitting 829 million metric tons of CO2 in 2000 alone.  La Loma views materials recycling as an important (and beautiful) part of sustainable landscaping.

Home Gardens and Food Production
An edible garden can be a beautiful, money-saving, healthy addition to your landscape. La Loma can help you design and plant your edible garden or ‘food forest’ using terraces, trellises, pots and beds to maximize space efficiency.  Greenhouses or seasonal coldframes can be designed and installed for propagation and season extension.  Advanced integrative Permaculture design is applicable, even in compact residential spaces, for long term stability and self-reinforcing productivity.

Custom Site Features
We can craft unique art design elements such as salvage metal artwork, water features, ovens, windsculpture and mobilesearthen walls, benches, wild-wood arbors, pergolas, elaborate dry-stack stone masonry, recessed hearths or kivas; our imaginations are open!

Natural Swimming Pools and Conversions
A new trend for swimming pools/ponds is to utilize natural filtration and nutrient cycling to maintain beautiful larger water features for habitat and bathing.  Existing pools can be converted to verdant aquascapes of refreshment!

Amphitheater in Arlington Gardens which incorporates ruins from the historic Durand house.
  • La Loma pond
  • La Loma entrance
  • Contour bench wall for Arlington Gardens central herb garden.
  • La Loma pond
  • La Loma recycled concrete pathway.
  • Pond
  • Oak Grove
  • Arlington Gardens park in Pasadena.
  • Marianna
  • La Loma carrots going to flower.
  • Oak Grove, a backyard old growth sanctuary with dry stacked natural stone terraces, planted with an abudance of edible plant varieties.
  • Example of a drought tolerant succulents, aloe, fountain grasses, artichokes and grapes.
  • Custom made bamboo fence, with a variety of giant bamboo, grasses and Mandevillia.
  • Succulent Fountain at Arlington Gardens in Pasadena.
  • Old growth sanctuary
  • Living stream and waterfall at ECHS.
  • Custom steel planters with ornamental grasses
  • Custom Rail Brentnal
  • Californian Before & After Photos