Natural Pools and Habitat Ponds

La Loma is a leader in the field, and perhaps the only firm in Southern California, designing and building "Natural Pools."  Our "conversion" projects and "from scratch" projects completely change the pool business, replacing chlorinated water with clear, clean, biofiltered water that can support edible aquaculture plants and fish, and promotes habitat for beneficial insects and birds. 

Organic Gardening & Fine Maintenance

La Loma offers a range of services for environmentally and aesthetically conscious organic gardening and maintenance.  La Loma recognized the deleterious effects that conventional gardening practices has on the environment.  By applying the principles of ecology to garden systems we create sustainable green spaces that can that function as food sources, gathering places, and a tranquil habitat for you, your family and even your community.

Water Harvesting and Catchment

Rain and runoff waters are a rich resource to this region, and are excruciatingly underutilized in nearly all home and landscape environments. Rain catchment systems have been a hallmark of advanced 'off-grid' and Permaculture designs for several years, but are just now carrying over into conventional distribution.  Municipalities' growing concerns with water shortage and wasted/harmful runoff are quickly turning the tables to encourage, and potentially require, this previously 'eccentric' practice.

Sustainable Landscaping

Over the last 40 years, the popularity of “sustainable landscaping” has grown by leaps and bounds. Every day more gardens are filled with native, drought tolerant, and edible plants.  By choosing plants that are easy to maintain, use few resources, and offer multiple benefits we are creating landscapes that are not only beautiful but also exist in harmony with the surrounding environment.  La Loma has over a dozen years of experience creating sustainable and ecologically sound landscapes and looks forward to meeting our clients' needs.

Landscape Design & Architecture

La Loma’s experience creating “Living Landscapes” has made 
it a leader in the burgeoning field of sustainable development. La Loma’s horticultural expertise, combined with water systems and hardscaping capabilities, aim toward an elegant, vivid, thriving and efficient outdoors.

Environmental Planning & Engineering

Much of our work is undertaken with a vision of restoring ecological balance by reducing negative impacts on the envrionment and bolstering biodiversity. Approaching projects of broader scope and scale, a range of specific objectives are in reach.  From successfully restoring a degraded habitat to creating multi-use private or public spaces. Watershed enhancement, erosion control and permeable surfacing, greenways, ponds and wildlife corridors are also common themes for us.


As a licensed and insured contractor, La Loma is a leader in sustainable design and green building that can take any new or existing structure to a more efficient, healthful, aesthetic and ecological level of service.