1908 Craftsman

Upon arriving at Betsey Tyler's home, one can't help but be impressed by its beautiful lines. The craftsman was built in 1908, by the architect William Thompson for the Jones family. Betsey and her husband Sid have lived in the home for 41 years. Sid was on the Pasadena City Council for twelve years and Betsey has been quite active with many local organizations, so we were very pleased when these pillars of the community contacted us to remove about 1,500 square feet of lawn and ivy from their front yard.

The Californian

We were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Christie Garrett, owner of the Californian a nursing home in Pasadena. She told us she wanted to remove the lawn in front of the building on Bellefontaine, which had marathon lawn for decades and install a native and Mediterranean drought-tolerant garden that would attract birds, butterflies other beneficial insects.

Westside Craftsman

Dr. W. Eugene Stern initially contacted us in January of 2009 to remove his backyard lawn. We were pleased to learn that Dr. Stern was referred to us by Ted Bosley, Director of The Gamble House. One of our favorite local inspirations, The Gamble house is a Pasadena architectural masterpiece of the American Arts and Crafts movement by Charles and Henry Greene.

Xeriscape Garden

Salvador and Denise knew that the water shortages in Pasadena were going to increase their bills for 2009, so they contacted La Loma Development to assist with ripping out their old lawn, and installing a simple and low-mainten drought tolerant garden.

Contemporary Backyard in Mandeville Canyon

We recently visited an ongoing project in Mandeville Canyon, which featured a custom made bamboo fence, and an assortment of drought tolerant natives, and mediterranean plantings, to tie together a long time backyard renovation. The resulting softscape, was an elegant yet softening solution to complement the strong lines of the contemporary design.