Mediterranean Arbor

We recently finished the installation of two arbors at a residence in Altadena. We look forward to the spring, when the Arbor will eventually be covered in Muscat, both an edible and wine-making grape vine.

Unique Broken Concrete Forum

Broken concrete is an extremely versatile material, as demonstrated in this unique circular inset bench. The landscape design by Guillaume Lemoine of Picture This Land, turned an underutilized enclosed front yard, into a relaxing social area for an adjacent home office and plenty of enjoyment for the homeowners. We incorporated a small fountain in between the major pillars of the concrete bench seats.

Bamboo Deck & Broken Concrete Terraces

When we aren't using our local recycled broken concrete, or FSC certified lumber, La Loma is committed to finding quality sustainable building materials for our projects. We recently completed building deck made out of bamboo with broken concrete terraces on a steep backyard in Pasadena. The backyard had an old deck that was falling apart, with a steep hillside and no easy access to the top. We were excited to build  the deck out of a beautiful compressed bamboo we had found in our extensive research.

Pasadena Landmark

We recently completed a massive undertaking of removing a steep, cracked asphalt driveway with an off-grade poured cement stairway and replacing it with our signature hand-chiseled dry-stracked broken concrete terraces, and a re-graded driveway of mortared broken concrete. The terraces were engineered and permitted in 2009, and replaced an eroding ivy-covered hillside with native, edible and meditteranean plantings. We also installed a custom hammered metal rail built by artist Ray Cirino, a copper mailbox, as well as lighting, irrigation and plants.

Contemporary Highland Park

When we first visited this property in Highland Park we found a bare front yard with no privacy or fencing as well as some home installed broken concrete that while done with painstaking TLC, definitely needed some expert help. Our client had already done most of the final touches to the exterior of his home, a lovely muted palette of earth tones with a contemporary zest, but wanted some help materializing his vision for the yard.