Xeriscape Garden

  • Agave Attenuata
  • Xeriscape
  • Agave Attenuata
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Salvador and Denise knew that the water shortages in Pasadena were going to increase their bills for 2009, so they contacted La Loma Development to assist with ripping out their old lawn, and installing a beautiful drought tolerant garden. The result was a minimal clean and contemporary aesthetic. We recently received a letter from Sal & Denise letting us know that since we took out their lawn, their water bill has decreased by 33%:

"As with manny Pasadena residents, we just received our current utility & water bill.

We are happy to report that our water usage, during the warmest time of the year, decreased by 33% by removing our front grass & replacing it with drought tolerant plantings!  This increase came despite the water rate increase that took place August 1st and despite the new restrictions on watering 3x a week. (We still have a large grassy area in the backyard).

I thought you may want to share our conservation story with other prospective clients in encouraging them to remove and/or reduce as much grass/lawn as possible, as our water continues to be a precious resource throughout California. 

Warm regards to you & La Loma! - Denise"

And as of November 1, in the City of Pasadena, watering restrictions have now been limited to one day per week. And all LADWP customers are limited to watering two days per week.