Superadobe Planters for Edible Backyard Gardening

Earthbag or Superadobe planters covered with stucco
  • Ceramic planter as the centerpiece to the custom earthbag planting bed
  • Additional perennials were used to fill in the area behind the earthbag planter
  • Matching planters to the fountain were used to extend color to the spa area
  • Fava beans
  • Marco Barrantes gives members of the Pasadena Garden Club on a La Loma garden tour

This backyard is all about bench height planters for vegetables and herbs. Our client specifically wanted something that would create seating, and make it easy to garden while sitting or standing. The horse shoe shaped planter is made of onsite earth filled bags with stucco to match the house. Also called Superadobe the bags are similar to long uncut sandbag rolls, filled with dirt and then compacted.

The planters at this contemporary home, were planted with Fava bean seeds to activate the soil. Fava beans grow quickly, have beautiful flowers and pull nitrogen into the soil.  When the beans are cut, the roots will be left to nourish the growth of a variety of vegetables from carrots and beets to chard and kale, many onions and garlic, as well as herbs such as oregano and parsley.