Pasadena Landmark

Broken Concrete Terraces
  • Custom Rail Brentnal
  • Pasadena Landmark: Before
  • Broken Concrete Driveway, Stairs, and Terraces
  • Broken Concrete Stairway & Terraces with Custom Rail
  • Upper Terraces at Brentnal
  • Sweet Potato Vine in Planter on Broken Concrete Terraces
  • Ray Cirino and Marco Barrantes working on the details of the custom rail for the stairway
  • Ray Cirino welding the custom rail
  • Sedum Sea Urchin in broken concrete (urbanite) terraces
  • Brentnal Fall 2010

We recently completed a massive undertaking of removing a steep, cracked asphalt driveway with an off-grade poured cement stairway and replacing it with our signature hand-chiseled dry-stracked broken concrete terraces, and a re-graded driveway of mortared broken concrete. The terraces were engineered and permitted in 2009, and replaced an eroding ivy-covered hillside with native, edible and meditteranean plantings. We also installed a custom hammered metal rail built by artist Ray Cirino, a copper mailbox, as well as lighting, irrigation and plants.