Main St. Elementary

The local community enjoys the grand opening ceremony of Main St. Elementary
  • Main St. Elementary Rain Garden
  • Reclaimed tree trunks from the Pasadena windstorm are used as seating and edging.
  • Main St. Elementary Students perform a dance at the grand opening ceremony.
  • Main St. Elementary Rain Garden
  • Students, parents, administrators and teachers enjoy the grand opening ceremony at Main St. Elementary.

La Loma Development was honored to receive a City of Los Angeles Resolution, presented by Councilmember Jan Perry for our work at Main St. Elementary, in particular, "creating sustainable eco-friendly living spaces within our communities and our schools, improving the quality of life for all." Main Street Elementary School in Central Los Angeles was a project completed with the collaborative work of Tree People, La Loma Development, and over 600 community volunteers over several weekends. The goal was to create a sustainable urban forest converted from a 4,000 square foot asphalt-paved courtyard. The result was a design that incorporated a rain garden with sycamore trees, rain-catchment basins, and native drought-tolerant plants that attract birds and butterflies.  La Loma donated tree stumps used for the decorative seating from the historic Pasadena wind storm, and a pondless waterfall connected to the rain garden.