1908 Craftsman

Local Source
  • proper spacing
  • Native and drought tolerant plants after lawn removal.
  • Craftsman style fence, native and drought tolerant plants after ivy removal.
  • 1908 Craftsman house before planting native and drought tolerant plants.
  • Rock garden surrounding corner stairway entry
  • 1908 Craftsman house with ivy covered bank, before sustainable landscaping.

Upon arriving at Betsey Tyler's home, one can't help but be impressed by its beautiful lines. The craftsman was built in 1908, by the architect William Thompson for the Jones family. Betsey and her husband Sid have lived in the home for 41 years. Sid was on the Pasadena City Council for twelve years and Betsey has been quite active with many local organizations, so we were very pleased when these pillars of the community contacted us to remove about 1,500 square feet of lawn and ivy from their front yard. We replaced a dilapidated chain link fence and built a custom craftsman style wooden fence and new brick stairway. It took us some time, but we resourced local reuse yards to find the perfect matching clinker bricks for the new stairs. We also designed a petite rock garden to complement the corner stairway entry to the house. Eventually the inside of the fence will be adorned with a gorgeous purple tiger passion flower vine. We worked carefully with Betsey to cultivate a wonderful list of almost 200 California natives and drought tolerant Meditteranean plants and can't wait until they call us again to remove the rest of the front yard lawn!