Community Watershed Forum

Community Watershed Forum: Slow it, Spread it, Sink it

2013 was one of the driest years on record, more than 90% of California is in severe drought and more than a quarter is in exceptional drought. The Shed is holding a forum about the need for overall watershed conservation thinking, and how the drought will effect us in the long-term. With Jane Tsong of LA Creek Freak, Hugh Bowles, Hahamonga activist, Emily Green, Chance of Rain, Leigh Jerrard of Greywater Corps and Laura Allen of Greywater Action. We will present a look at the big picture, strategic stormwater harvesting planning, the ways we can conserve as individuals and together, and the potential of greywater.  

It's rainy season in Los Angeles! Every rainy season gifts us a different story and a different wildflower season, and that's part of its beauty. Let's talk more about the rain, and let's call for LA's phenomenal creative talent to rebrand rainy season in LA.

2:00 HUGH BOWLES · HAHAMONGA WATERSHED The City of Pasadena obtains 40% of its water from the Hahamongna watershed at a quarter of the cost of the remainder purchased from MWD.  Yet the City ignores studies it has funded indicating that allowing the stream to flow rather than diverting it will enhance water conservation.  We will go over why, and how to shift the debate.

2:30 LEIGH JERRARD · USING GREYWATER FOR IRRIGATION Capturing gently-used water from bathtubs, showers and laundry and using it for irrigation allows you to use your water twice – once in the home, and a second time in the landscape.  Leigh will present an overview of the principles of greywater irrigation, with examples of specific system types.

3:00 LAURA ALLEN ·  IS GREYWATER GOOD FOR YOUR PLANTS? and other questions you may be wondering before installing your own greywater system. Laura Allen will share results from a study of 83 residential greywater systems and ask: How much water can we save? How much do systems cost? How does greywater impact plants and soils? And, are people happy with their systems?

3:30 SCOTT MATHERS · LOW IMPACT DEVELOPMENT City’s all over the US have implemented a Low Impact Development (LID) ordinance that seeks to mitigate the impacts of runoff and stormwater pollution as close to its source as possible.  LA developed its own LID ordinance in May 2012.  Residential properties are now required to incorporate stormwater mitigation measures into their design plans for approval.  For projects less than one acre, a specific set of Best Management Practices BMPs must be followed to get a project approved. Scott will briefly review these BMPs and discuss how effective they are (or not).

4:00 EMILY GREEN · RETROFITTING PRIVATE HOMES FOR RAINWATER HARVESTING Emily Green will look at what's involved in retrofitting private homes for rainwater harvesting time and ask: Will we do it? How far will we go? How much will it cost? Is it worth it? And where should domestic water harvesting stand in a priority list for improving water quality and supply in the LA Basin?

Join us Sunday, March 30 at 1-4pm at

1355 Lincoln Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

$5 RSVP in advance | $10 at the door.

Event Time: 
03/30/2014 - 1:00pm