April Showers

It appears our storm season totals for the LA area have reached very near historical norms for precipitation this winter, with some chance yet to add on before summer truly arrives.  After a few average to very dry years in the last five, that's great news!  And with several good, well-spaced storms instead of a few major deluges and the resulting rapid runoff, ground water levels are in great shape for planting and sustaining your water-conscious landscape this year.

ECHS Makes it as a Finalist in White House Commencement Challenge

Before & After ECHS Waterfall and Living Pond

Environmental Charter High School, was one of only six schools to make it as a finalist in the White House's "Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge."  This coming earth day marks the one year anniversary of major sustainable landscaping renovations we did on the ECHS campus including a stage, broken concrete amphitheater, waterfall, living pond and dry arroyo. We were proud to help contribute to the beautification of the campus and removal and recycling of over 4,000 square feet of asphalt in and around the campus.

Kindergarten Kinder Garden

Glen Oaks Elementary

In our ongoing efforts to reduce waste, La Loma will often save unwanted plants from our project sites. We pot them up and nurture them until we find another more suitable use for them. Doing this keeps perfectly decent plants out of the waste stream while sequestering carbon. Recently, we offered these plants to schools or non-profits and Sam contacted us for her project at Glen Oaks Elementary. Over several weeks we loaded up her station wagon with agapanthus and fortnight lilies.


Water Meter

Significant changes are taking place throughout California that are designed to minimize water consumption associated with landscaping.

The state law requiring outdoor water conservation, AB 1881, has some very specific requirements. In general, the AB 1881 encourages the efficient water use by establishing guidelines for designing, installing and maintaining landscapes. Specifically, some of the landscaping guidelines in AB 1881 include:

Remove your water hungry lawn or ivy and replace it with a nourishing California Butterfly Garden!

California Butterfly Garden

With mandatory water conservation efforts in full-swing throughout Southern California, now is the perfect time to take advantage of rebates* for lawn removal, and get your garden ready for fall or winter planting. Why have an expensive underutilized lawn, when you can create a sanctuary for your family to enjoy?