Public Fruit Theater at LACMA

Public Fruit Theater at LACMA

We are excited to begin construction at LACMA to build the Public Fruit Theater, opening November 7, 2010 and to remain on museum grounds until June of 2011. The Public Fruit theater will open on the culmination of a year long artist in residence collaboration between Fallen Fruit and LACMA.

Secretary of Labor Congratulates ECS Class of 2010

Marco Barrantes, La Loma President, U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, ECS Founder and Executive Director Alison Suffet Diaz

In this photo from Right to Left: Alison Diaz, Founder of ECS, Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor (President Obama's delegate to ECS as a runner-up to the White Houses' Race to the Top Challenge), and Marco Barrantes, President of La Loma Development Company. On Thursday, June 25, 2010 we had the pleasure of attending the Environmental Charter Schools 2010 commencement ceremony, where Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was the keynote speaker. As you may know, ECHS was one of the six finalist's in the White House's "Race to the Top Commencement Challenge." The celebration was filled with accolades from California State Assembly-member Steven Bradford, LA County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, a special message from Shaquille O'Neal and special words from counselors about each and every graduate.

Arlington Gardens Arbor Ready for Vines

Arlington Gardens Arbor Ready for Vines

The unique, archaelogically found-material amphitheater at Arlington Gardens finally has its crowning finale, the custom crafted metal arbor.  The arbor is the whimsical and dramatic collaboration of permaculture artist Ray Cirino and La Loma's Marco Barrantes. The amphitheater, made from recycled broken concrete incorporates original sandstone salvaged on-site from the (tragically) demolished Durand mansion, which was historic to the site. Inspired by the patterns found in flowers and butterflies, the arbor is anchored by solid metal spheres onto traditional stone columns, and will feature a centerpiece of stained glass.

Rancho La Loma Custom Trellises

Custom Tomato Trellis

If you visted us at Rancho La Loma on the Open Days tour on Sunday, you may have noticed the metal chicken coop entwined with vine whips, and various metal garden trellises. Permaculture Artist, Ray Cirino is responsible for these whimsical creations. He recently completed a custom rail at our landmark broken concrete project on Brentnal, and will be working soon on an arbor for Arlington Gardens. Feel free to email us to discuss your own custom garden creation, cobb oven or even solar cooker!

Voting begins for White House Commencement Challenge

Voting begins today for the White House Commencement Challenge. We are casting our vote at for our client, the Environmental Charter High School, in support of green education. We were delighted to see how much the students love their school and actively use the pond, dry arroyo, broken concrete amphitheater and stage, in their everyday activities.