La Loma Honored to Receive Resolution from City of LA

Marco Barrantes, Jan Perry, and Michelle Matthews

Marco Barrantes and Michelle Ann Matthews (with their baby in attendance) of La Loma Development were honored to receive a City of Los Angeles Resolution, presented by Councilmember Jan Perry for our work in "creating sustainable eco-friendly living spaces within our communities and our schools, improving the quality of life for all." In particular was recognition for our work at Main St. Elementary.

La Loma Design/Builds First Central American Plaza in the U.S.

Francisco Morazan

The unique lure of Los Angeles lies in its combination of converging cultures and diverse landscapes; which when mixed with expansive urban sprawl, enables the city to create a home for all types of people.  The newly constructed Plaza Morazan in the Central American concentrated neighborhood of Westlake is the newest addition to public space commemorating cultural heritage in Los Angeles and the first ever public space dedicated to Central Americans in the U.S. 

La Loma to Receive 2013 Green City Award for Urban Design, Business

We are proud to announce that we will be receiving a 2013 Green City Award for Urban Design, Business at the Pasadena Earth and Arts Festival in Memorial Park at 1pm.  La Loma Development Company for creating beautiful and sustainable environments featuring recycled concrete, cement-free retaining walls, natural pools, native ecosystems and edible gardens. (Urban Design—business)

LA2050 Grant, Vote for La Loma!

Since last year, La Loma has occupied a 30,000 square foot commercial auto mechanic shop in Northwest Pasadena. We have developed plans to turn it into a green education, environmental resources and job training center. A place where people can go, see and experience the latest in sustainable low impact development and building and learn first hand from professionals how to create beautiful living habitats.

Ron Finley at TED2013


Who knew that planting a small edible garden on a tiny plot of city owned land in South Central Los Angeles could become a political tug of war? In an area over populated with fast food restaurants, liquor stores and no fresh food Ron picked up a shovel and got to work on converting his parkway into a food forest. See what happened in his TED 2013 talk "Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA."

Find out more about Ron and the opportunity to volunteer with his group L.A. Green Grounds.