Green Roof in the City

You might have seen this recent article in the LA Times about the Avalon hotel, growing fruits and herbs for its restaurant, not at a farm, but on the hotel's roof. Don't have much of a backyard? Consider converting your roof into a garden. We recently completed a green roof project in Highland Park. We planted a variety of succulents and created walking pathways, with concrete pavers, river rock and pebble.

Water Conservation Ordinance

Conserve Water

Did you know that a water conservation ordinance has been issued from the city of Los Angeles and a projected water shortage exists in Pasadena, with continued shortages and conservation efforts to become more stringent in 2009? There are multiple conservation measures that are currently implemented throughout both cities to conserve water, and water prices are expected to rise. Effective landscaping can greatly reduce the amount of water you are using. At La Loma Development, we specialize in specialty California gardens, and can help you cut down your water usage through:

Happy New Year!

2008 was a great year for La Loma Development! We’ve had some phenomenal projects and want to thank our clients for the opportunity to realize neighborhood classics, while also contributing to the landscape legacy of Pasadena and Los Angeles.

Our expertise in implementing drought tolerant, edible, native and permaculture gardens has been evident with projects ranging from small front yard gardens to acre sized backyards and public spaces. Our water catchment berms and an exemplary parkway arroyo at Arlington Gardens, a three acre public park, is a proud example of our successful solution to save thousands of gallons in water from city resources as well as rainfall.