La Loma to Receive 2013 Green City Award for Urban Design, Business

We are proud to announce that we will be receiving a 2013 Green City Award for Urban Design, Business at the Pasadena Earth and Arts Festival in Memorial Park at 1pm.  La Loma Development Company for creating beautiful and sustainable environments featuring recycled concrete, cement-free retaining walls, natural pools, native ecosystems and edible gardens. (Urban Design—business)

Congratulations to all of  the 2013 Green City Award winners! Repair Café Pasadena for advancing the transition from a consuming to a conserving society by hosting eight community events resulting in the repair of 240 items. (Waste Reduction—community group) ANEW for extending the lifecycle of corporate surplus items through repurposing, resale and reuse resulting in the diversion of over 10 million pounds of waste from domestic landfills and serving over 600 organizations in thirteen countries. (Waste Reduction—non-profit) California Institute of Technology for an integrated approach to design and construction throughout the campus that has resulted in 6 LEED certified buildings, including 2 platinum LEED-NC certified laboratories, 3 gold LEED-NC certified laboratories and 1 gold LEED-EBOM certified laboratory. (Urban Design—institution) Union Station Homeless Services for the Euclid Villa rehabilitation project that featured energy efficiency upgrades, the installation of water saving fixtures throughout apartments, xeriscaping with drought tolerant native plants and installing a high efficiency smart irrigation system.  (Urban Design—non-profit) Felicia Williams for a backyard transformation project that utilized 100 pieces of broken concrete, four tons of diverted tree trimmings,1,500 square feet of recycled cardboard, the introduction of drought tolerant native plants and the installation of a drip irrigation system to save 44,880 gallons of water annually. (Urban Nature—individual) Throop Unitarian Universalist Church and NELA Transition for transforming 8,000 square feet of water loving Bermuda grass into the Throop Learning Garden. (Urban Nature—collaborative project) The Hotchkin Community Garden for collaborative work with the community on the Union-Catalina Rain Garden project to transform 5,400 square feet of vacant City property into a community garden. (Urban Nature—public/private collaboration) C.I.C.L.E. (Cyclists Inciting Change thru LIVE Exchange) for improving bike commuting throughout Los Angeles County by hosting over 100 Learn to Ride and Safety workshops reaching over 1,000 participants and partnering with the City of Pasadena to offer annual Bike Week Pasadena events. (Transportation—non-profit organization) Kidspace Children’s Museum for creating the Galvin Physics Forest, a new outdoor exhibit area that honors the local environment while introducing science concepts through fun, interactive exhibits. (Innovation—non-profit) CALSTART for powering the organization’s headquarters in Pasadena with an 84.5kW made-in-the USA rooftop solar array and supplying five electric vehicle charging stations with green electricity. (Energy Conservation—non-profit)