La Loma Builds Chino Basin Water Conservation District Demonstration Garden

La Loma Builds Chino Basin Water Conservation District Demonstration Garden

La Loma built the one acre demonstration garden for the Chino Basin Water Conservation District. Here are details about the project originally posted on the CBWCD's website.

The Project To better meet our present water and economic challenges, and to better promote Chino Basin Water Conservation District’s (CBWCD/District) mission, the CBWCD Board of Directors developed a plan to redesign and upgrade the District’s water wise demonstration garden and their administration building.  CBWCD’s newly designed facility is being created to educate and inspire people of all ages to use water more efficiently with a new water wise demonstration garden, a Water Conservation Center, an education building and a demonstration parking lot.  “Our goal is to make our facility so beautiful and enjoyable that people will enjoy learning and want to return with their friends and family to teach them about conservation.” stated Kati Parker, CBWCD’s Board President.  The project is expected to be completed and open to the public late Summer 2013.


The New Water Wise Demonstration Garden The plan for the new demonstration garden is to clearly display water wise gardening with various, residential-size pocket gardens.  These pocket gardens will contain house facades with various landscape designs illustrating how residents can landscape their front, side or back yard.  The concepts will also carry over to larger commercial landscapes as well as narrow parkways.  Some of the pocket gardens will display compost bins to show the importance and simplicity of composting while others will highlight the benefits of permeable hardscape.  Hundreds of beautiful water wise plants will grace the garden and various efficient irrigation techniques will be displayed.  The new garden will also showcase a Turf Demonstration Area, a Compost Demonstration Area, a native garden, a serenity garden, a southwest garden and other interesting and creative garden features.  Literature with attractive pictures will be available to educate visitors about the benefits of, and how to do, water wise landscaping.


The Water Conservation Center (WCC) CBWCD’s administration building has been expanded to include an educational display lobby and a boardroom that will double as a large adult classroom.  The goal of the new Water Conservation Center is to provide a variety of educational opportunities to residents and businesses.  The building will also house a new library/landscape design room where the public can come, and with the help of CBWCD staff, design their own personal water wise landscapes.  The expanded boardroom will allow for more and larger free workshops focusing on various water efficiency topics.


The Education Building To increase awareness and expand outreach programs to our youth, CBWCD’s Board of Directors supported a new education building which will focus on educating kindergarten to 12th grade students. Schools located within CBWCD’s boundaries will be offered complementary busing to the education building where students will learn about water conservation, the water cycle, where our water comes from and other related topics.  Hands on activities and garden tours will be part of the student’s experience.


The Demonstration Parking Lot CBWCD’s redesigned parking lot will demonstrate a variety of ways to keep rain water on site with swales, berms and pervious pavements.  The public will be able to see examples of cement and asphalt that allow water to penetrate through and percolate into our soil to help replenish our groundwater basin.  This area will be a valuable tool for homeowners, businesses, developers, and city planning department staff.