Our Team

Marco Barrantes, Principal

Marco Barrantes was born and raised in Southern California, as well as early years in Peru and elsewhere, an international background with citizenships in Peru, Italy, and the USA. Raised in various countries and having traveled extensively, Marco brings a multicultural and global perspective to La Loma Development Company, Inc. Mr. Barrantes' professional career is exemplary of his worldly and interdisciplinary education and life experiences. He received his Masters in Landscape Architecture and Masters in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley in 2004. In 1999, Mr. Barrantes completed the pioneering B.A. program in Ecology, Culture and Sustainability at NCOC, Santa Rosa, Ca, where he helped to start the legendary PEA, a local garden and greening campaign. He has over ten years of experience as a certified Permaculture designer, with Bill Mollison 1997 and La'akea 1999, and as an autodidact, avid gardener and handyman. Marco has traveled to many places, participated in many events, and studied with many teachers throughout California, as well as Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Western Europe, China and Japan.

Forging partnerships between community members, non-profit organizations, and city government for green and sustainable projects, Marco Barrantes is the former Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of Berkeley, where he served for five years and oversaw dozens of projects for the city's parks, greenways, creeks, shores and natural areas. Prior to La Loma, Marco also worked with the Urban Gardening Institute and helped to create Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project, a federally funded two-block community farm, organic nursery and produce store in South West Berkeley. Marco Barrantes' first book, "Feed Your City: Field Guide to Planning for Food Systems," was published in 2004 by CED, Berkeley.

Mr. Barrantes passions span from creative real estate, sustainable landscape design, site planning, erosion control, runoff water use, hillside developments, vineyards, orchards, natural pools and ponds, etc. He's designing for healing, entertaining, and other functional purposes, as well as for animals, such as dogs, cats, fish and chickens. His designs and built projects have been featured in various media outlets, such as the LA Times, the ABC Evening News, and the Berkeley Daily.